Superman Injustice

Painted sculpture

Superman painted sculpture

Sculpture painted by Un Mundo a Otra Escala.


Private project of a 3D figure of Superman, with interchangeable heads and hands., with one of the Injustice suits.


We looked at references of different comics and based on them we tried 4 different poses. Finally, the pose that best represented the story “Injustice” was chosen.

With the chosen pose we work the anatomy of the figure and model the two heads. Then, we go into detail the character, which has the lines of the suit made by hand.

The base was conceptualized in 2D and modeled in 3D making sure that it does not detract from the character in any view.


We model a figure with interchangeable heads and hands, with a high level of detail and a base that works in all views.

*Geek note

If you look the base, you will see that Superman has destroyed the Batman logo with a punch.

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