Figuras 3D Lady Knight
Figuras 3D Lady Knight
Figuras 3D Lady Knight
Figuras 3D Lady Knight


Creation of designs and modeling of ¼ scale female 3D figures with fantasy medieval armor.


The client wanted to create a collection of 3D figures in medieval fantasy style with various poses and different pieces to exchange. Everything was developed by our team following our client’s needs.


Starting from an initial document with reference images and customer comments, we create each piece and dress of these 3D figures, as well as the variations of some elements.

After creating the pieces in pose A, we set up the character to be able to pose each element with a rig prepared for this specific client. We use this rig to quickly pose each figure.

Once the sculptures were finished we made the lace with holes for magnets typical of the ¼ scale statues.


We designed and digitally sculpted a collection of multi-piece 3D figures ready for 3D printing, following our client’s wishes.