Steampunk lady

Steampunk lady miniatura
Steampunk lady miniatura
Steampunk lady miniatura


Design and modeling of a ¼ scale female steampunk figure.

Customer needs

The client wanted to create a unique model with steampunk influences for his private collection. All the pieces were developed by our team following his requests and needs.


Based on some reference images and customer comments, we create each piece and dresses of this figure, with the added complexity of being able to exchange several parts in the final piece.

After creating the pieces in A pose, we prepare the character to be able to pose each element with rigging prepared for this specific client.

Once the modeling was finished, we made a study of the additional pieces so that they could interchange between all of them and we created the sockets with holes for magnets typical of the ¼ scale statues.


We design and digitally sculpt a multi-piece figure ready for 3D printing following the wishes of our client.