Superior Spider-Man

figura 3D de Superior Spider-Man
figura 3D de Superior Spider-Man
figura 3D de Superior Spider-Man


Internal project of a Superior Spider-Man 3D figure designed for 1/4 scale production. Model not produced or for sale.


After studying the character of Superior Spider-Man, who is the Doctor Octopus’ mind in the Peter Parker’s body, we tried to convey the duality of the character with a dynamic and aggressive pose.

First, we made several tests of posing and composition of the 3D figure, after we worked on the anatomy, which tried to show a Spider-Man with strong muscles without being exaggerated, however we found it interesting to show muscled legs.

We needed to create the detail in the character and in the base. For the Spider-Man suit we use a non-posed base to define the parts and, once the design of the suit has been transferred to the posed model, we finish the details through “Surface Noise”.

We decided to include the Spider-Bots that give the final touch to this sculpture.


We model a 3D figure with a high level of detail trying to convey the essence of Superior Spider-Man.

*Geek note

This project was originally intended to be able to present two other Spider-Man using the same base and thus compose a “Spider-Man trinity”.

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