Doomsday 3D figure

The Project

Private commission, in collaboration with Kfir Merlaub, of ¼ scale 3D figure of Doomsday, one of Superman’s enemies.


The client wanted to add an extra head and modify some elements of the character modeled by Kfir Merlaub.


In this case we proposed a faithful head to the comics style, with the same level of detail and style already modeled.

We modified some details in the body and we modeled some pieces following the classic suit of Doomsday, for example the belt.

We also did a review of the base and added the traffic sign for the city of Metropolis.

Once the model was validated we made cuts and we exported to the correct scale to work with other Superman ¼ scale figures.


We model a head and some new elements besides detailing the model facilitated by the client.

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