Batman: Contingency Plan

Batman 3D figure

*Master painted by James TCE


Private order of a 3D figure 1/4 scale Batman inspired by the story of The Justice League “The Tower of Babel” by Mark Waid.


The client needed a 3D Batman figure that represented the history in which it faces the members of the Justice League and comes out triumphant.

Technically he needed a figure with interchangeable parts prepared for production.


Several proposals were given to the client with different scenes, faces and poses for the 3D model.

Once you have chosen the composition we wanted to work with, we were shaping the character and its pieces until the sculpture was telling the story at its best.

Once the digital sculpture of the character and scene was done, cuts and preparations needed were done to be able to send the files to the 3D printer.


We managed to tell the story we wanted composing a scene in which Batman appears sitting on his throne, surrounded by weapons and equipment of the other members of the Justice League that has defeated.

We developed a 3D figure with two interchangeable heads, one with and one without mask and two pairs of interchangeable arms, one holding the mask of Flash, and one which holds the skull.

*Geek note

Before you ask why is not Wonder Woman’s bow included in the scene, we can say it will. It’s not that we have forgotten, it will be added once the figure will be produced 😉

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