3D Miniature team of lizardmen to board game Fantasy Fotball.


The client needed a series of miniatures for wargame Fantasy Football, with high detail and football equipment.

3D models needed by the client were divided into 4 types:

Skinks: 6 small lizard men figures.
Saurians: 6 larger lizard men miniatures.
A special figure: 1 sculpture of a larger, and with different armor and equipment giant lizard man.
A human: 1 miniature same size as the saurian, also with different equipment.
Scoreboards: 4 sculptures of scoreboards and counters for the game.


The client passed us examples of other miniatures that he liked so we could have a first idea of what he was looking for. He also wanted the figures to have mayan and aztec design features.

Given what the customer was looking for, we started designing miniatures that combined the typical style in these games with the characteristic aesthetics of the Mayan and Aztec cultures.

First we designed a basic figure for each type of character, and then respecting the aesthetics defined, we modeled the different characters and their equipment.

Once the client has approved the miniatures with their armour proposals we send different poses of each figure. This way, all would be different, but visually fit as part of the same team.

Once approved all models had to be cut and prepared to be produced.


A total of 18 figures, 35 mm scale, were designed and modelled combining Fantasy Football with Maya and Aztec aesthetics.

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