Miniaturas 3D juego Chronopia
Hero Crystal Knight
Miniaturas 3D juego Chronopia
Miniaturas 3D juego Chronopia
Lotus Guard
Miniaturas 3D juego Chronopia
Hero Lotus Eater
Miniaturas 3D juego Chronopia


Digital sculpture of several 3D miniature factions for the reissue of the legendary Chronopia board game.


The client needed the development and 3D modeling of 132 miniatures, for 4 miniature factions, that followed the style of the original game illustrations, published in 1997.


The client commissioned us to model several factions of 3D miniatures based on different illustrations and sometimes the original old hand-sculpted miniatures.

Since the original illustrations were very stylized, we designed the 3D miniatures following the original details, but with weights suitable for printing and production.

The digitally sculpted factions were: “First Men”, “Devout”, “Elves” and “Dwarves”; all with their signature style, weapons, and beasts.

When we had designed a detailed base for each 3D miniature with all its elements, we proposed several poses to the client based on their preferences, which we later finished detailing to achieve quality miniatures with a unique design.

Once all the miniatures were finished, we proceeded to carry out the last scale validation and exported each one in the necessary formats for printing and production.


We modeled 132 miniatures, from 4 different factions of the Chronopia universe, in record time.