Prada Crazy Daisies advertising


Modeling of boots, sandals and socks for advertising for Prada Milano.


The client needed the modeling of sandals and boots of the new Prada 2017 collection to animate and use them in their advertising campaigns later.


The client sent us the sandals and the socks physically so we could do the exact modeling.

We work with models in ZBrush, exporting geometries, color maps and displacement maps. From Pleid Studio models were tested, both in render and animation, until getting the final validation of Prada.

To get the same socks looking, we scan them to get the diffuse map and a displacement map.


We modeled boots, sandals and socks like real, prepared with everything needed to be animated.


Client: Prada Milano
Agency: 2×4 NY
Direction: Pleid
Art Direction: Juanma Mota
Animation: Juanma Mota, Ruye, Rafa García, Mario de Dios
Shading / Lighting: Juanma Mota, Ruye
Rigging: Víctor de Luis, Ruye
Modelling: Barruz Studio
Compositing: Juanma Mota
Sound Design: Aimar Molero

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